Afrikan Artists





  Music ~ Dance ~ Drums ~ Kulcha 

Afrika, the cradle of mankind, holds the ancient key to the awesome power of the rhythm, the beauty of the dance, the language of the drums and vivid spectacle of colors in motion.

These incredible performers all bring the essence of Afrikan rhythms, art and kulcha to each performance, leaving audiences in awe of the real beauty, complexity, passion and energy of Afrikan music and dance.

From Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, Guinea, in the west, to Ethiopia, Uganda, Congo, Zaire, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania in the east, you will be amazed by these talented artists, proud to share their ancient traditions with all people, to know the spirit of Afrika is in you.


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Jimbe Afrique
Moussa Diabate
Djely Kunda
Ndanda Kosovo
Ayuba Kamau
Burundian Drummers
Nyabinghi Drum Ensemble
Kumaasi Afrikan Drummers
Igbo Bende Dancers
Tomi Tamakloe

Ngoma Mkristo

Omari Afrika
Midawo Alorwoyie
Melody Bell
Words and Deeds