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Irie !!!

In the words of the great Bob Marley,
"One good thing about music...when it hits, you feel no pain."
Music in the Caribbean is not just about life, it IS life, full of energy, the natural rhythm of the tides, the flow of spiritual awakening, the celebration of Carnival, the calm and beauty of the islands, the soothing of the senses. Island Kulcha !!

offers an outstanding array of authentic Caribbean groups, most of which perform a wide variety of Caribbean styles and all bring a true flavor of the islands.
Our REGGAE artists and groups bring the roots to the dancehall, authentic REGGAE, pure Jamaican style. Our soca and calypso groups take you to a Trinidadian carnival, "Hot, Hot, Hot" conga lines, limbo and the sweet sound of Steel pans adding a flavor that is truly unique to the Caribbean.
We offer an international roster of players, several of our artists are on the World Beatnik Records
roster as well, have airplay and tour experience around the world, perform the top reggae and world music festivals.
Irie, mon.

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