Grupo Pakal

Mexican Cultura

G R U P O   P A K A L

M A Y A N  P E R F O R M I N G  A R T S

P R E - H I S P A N I C   D A N C E ~ M A Y A N   B A L L G A M E   E X H I B I T I O N S



Grupo Pakal, Mayan Performing Arts proudly celebrates Mayan culture through sacred ceremonies and ancient rituals that integrate festive dance and traditional native music. Live performances exhibit stunning wardrobe and elaborately feathered headdresses, all individually handcrafted works of art. According to ancient tradition, each colorful design exclusively utilizes natural materials including leather, shell, semi-precious stones, and exotic feathers.
Grupo Pakal performs regularly at Dallas World Aquarium ( located at 1801 North Griffin, Dallas, Texas 75202. Please join us in the Mundo Maya exhibit on Saturdays and Sundays. Current show times are 12:15P, 1:15P, 2:15P, and 3:15P.


Entertain your guests with a festive Mayan dance presentation to native music. Dressed in elaborate ceremonial wardrobe, Grupo Pakal Artists amaze and delight audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Performances are followed by a photo opportunity with Grupo Pakal Artists, offering your guests a special memory of your unforgettable event.


Have fun and learn about Mayan culture with Grupo Pakal’s Interactive Presentation. Participants of all ages learn choreography and play native instruments during our interactive session. Grupo Pakal Artists also present festive dance ceremonies to native music and pose for photos with your guests.


Our spectacular stage presentation tells the fascinating history and culture of the Mayan Empire through festive dance ceremonies to native music. Traditional dances including the Hunter and the Deer and the Ancient Fire Ceremony amaze audiences with Mayan Artists dressed in impressive wardrobe and elaborate headdresses. The performance soundtrack is offered with or without voiceover recording and is followed by a photo opportunity with Grupo Pakal Artists, offering spectators a special memory of your unforgettable event.


Intrigue audiences as they observe two teams compete in the first known team sport, striking a solid rubber ball weighing 9 pounds with their hips. Grupo Pakal's impressive ballgame exhibitions are living historical representations of an all but lost art. Only a small number of players exist worldwide and even fewer know the art of making the ancient ball. According to tradition, live music resonates throughout the playing field and signals the game.

For more information about Grupo Pakal performing at your special event; Mayan Ballgame (Juego de Pelota) exhibitions; custom projects including complete stage productions, choreography, and wardrobe design; master classes; audition information; and all other inquiries, please call