One World of Music

Music is the universal language.
Our "One World of Music" show is a virtual trip around the world,
thru music and dance, opening eyes and ears, hearts and minds,
to the diversity of music in the world and the
cultures they came from. Opening minds to possibilities, world cultures, and
music !!
The show is normally an hour long, educational while entertaining, fun, exciting,
educational and informative.
We use a lot of audience participation and create a memorable experience
for kids of all ages, that will enlighten
children to diversecultures and foster
a better appreciation and acceptance of children, people, places, races,
nationalities and cultures different than their own.
We have recieved rave reviews and great feedback that our show has not
only been great, fun, exciting, etc..., but, more importantly,
it provides a much needed service for the kids and communities,
bringing an awareness, respect, and open-mindedness to diversity.
Our show inspires great discussion in class and at home.

Our goal is to educate, entertain, open minds and hearts to the common
ground we all share of music, rhythm and spirit of humanity, all in a
positive and... fun experience !

Some of our performers:


Promote cultural arts and awareness in our youth today,
and tomorrow is a brighter day !

Please call 972-771-3797 for more information

One World - One God - One Aim - One Destiny - One Love