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World Beatnik Records

World Beatnik Records is an independent world music label producing and promoting ethnic,
cultural, world music from around the globe, as well as fusions of these styles with jazz and contemporary sounds and rhythms. Reggae, from roots to dancehall is our mainstay, but we
also cover soca, zouk, Afrikan, Latin, Caribbean, Asian, Polynesian, Indian, jazz, R&B, etc…
Our artists come from all over the world and their music reflects a wide diversity of style
and culture, all with a “One World” vision and “One Love” vibe.
Strictly ROOTS and KULCHA, always positive.

We record, produce and mix in our own in-house studio, World Beat Studios,
located in the peaceful country outside of Rockwall, Texas, 25 miles east of Dallas.
We offer full CD production with the best studio players around and producers/arrangers
to help fulfill the artist’s musical vision and goals.
Word, Sound, Power

Artist Roster

Watusi, Panorama, Jimbe Afrique, Wave, Ragga D,
Ras Lyrix, Ndanda Kosovo, Roots of Kulcha, One Love Uprising, Ras Andre, Tomi Tamakloe, Eden, Kali Banton,

and many more world music artists.

Jimbe is our house engineer and producer and has recorded and mixed a vast array of artists and
styles from around the world. A real world musician at the controls, every time!



For more info:
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